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  • Can my child get a black belt?
    Receiving a black belt is a very sacred and defining moment in ones life. It takes dedication, determination, perseverance and knowledge. At our dojo, we only give adults the opportunity to test for a black belt. However, we have a junior black belt system and curriculum that your child will go through until they are old enough to test for their adult black belt (16 years older to be considered).
  • Any other costs beside tuition?
    You will need to purchase a martial arts uniform from century martial arts for classes. The uniform we wear can be found here: Please fully review the size chart before purchasing. We recommend having two uniforms. Please feel free to ask Shihan Scott for guidance if you want to purchase a heavier, weighted uniform. WHITE UNIFORMS ONLY! Only black belts are allowed to wear black uniforms.
  • How young can my child start taking classes?
    Currently, we are only offering private lessons for children starting at age 6.
  • I have never taken martial arts before, will I be too far behind?"
    NOPE! The martial arts, Isshin-Ryu especially, is perfect for any age and physical condition and our beginner classes ease you in at pace that is a balance of pushing yourself to a new limit while remembering this is a journey, not a race.
  • How many classes a week can I or my family come?
    Currently, adults can train on Tuesday's at 7pm and Fridays at 6pm in group classes. We decide together how many times a week you want your personal martial arts training!
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