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Adult Classes Tuesday/Thursday's at 6pm in the Palisades.



At Integrative Martial Arts, we teach Isshin-Ryu Karate as our foundation for children and adults. A perfect balance betweens hands and feet, Isshin-Ryu provides practical and realistic martial arts training. As part of our curriculum, as students progress they will also learn techniques from judo, juijitsu, kick boxing, American Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Kobudo (weapons) and Shotokan. We believe learning martial arts as compared to a large tree. The roots and trunk of the tree is Isshin-Ryu, and the branches are the best of other styles that Shihan Scott has experience in to create the best martial experiences for you and your family.

Children's Classes

Children can begin taking martial arts classes starting at age 6-12 years old. Character education and self-defense is our main priority! Each class starts with the Student Creed and ends with The Black Belt Principles, creating and guiding the students to always try and be their best everyday!

Martial Arts Class
Karate Practice

Teen Classes

Teen classes begin at age 13-16 years old and prepares the students for their eventual entry into the adult classes. In these classes, more martial arts etiquette is introduced and content focused on where they are in their lives at this moment in time. As per all classes and age groups, self-defense is main portion of this class.

Adult Classes

Adults can begin training at 18 years old and there is no limit at how old you can start! Starting something new can seem daunting, were here to help you begin this process at the pace that is right for you, never pushing past the limits we believe you can achieve. The medical benefits of the martial arts have been proven time and time again, join our community and feel the benefits for yourself!

Karate Pose

Reiki Classes

Shihan Scott offers Reiki training on an as-need/want basis working with students schedules. He offers Reiki 1, 2, and Master Classes to be able to channel the healing energy of Reiki.

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