About the Integrative Martial Arts Academy of Seaside, CA

The IMA Academy is dedicated to the development and perfection of mind, body, and spirit through the warrior path. We offer disciplines from the Russian martial art -Systema, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu (Ninjutsu), and Baguazhang. We seek to study the big picture of life with a well-rounded martial arts practice to create unity and mastery in our daily lives. As we learn how to fight, we also learn how not to fight by putting ourselves on the leading edge of spiritual growth and practicing a discipline of martial virtue. By helping create more whole healthy and loving human beings free from delusions and ego we seek to influence a better and more peaceful world.


The mission of the IMA Academy is to develop whole, healthy and confident human beings free from fear, negativity, and doubt. By understanding integrated training we can see all natural principles and commonalities that exists in all martial arts and spiritual practices. A committed and disciplined path is a great way to enhance every part of your being from the physical to the psychological and the spiritual. Join in on the movement and begin the path to power!



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